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Hoverboards: Lexus Was Not Joking

It has been well documented that Lexus has been working on a Hoverboard. The internet had a field day as soon as the video teasers started being released in June. The company asserted that they would be officially releasing the prototype in all its Glory August 5th. While it still the 4th here in the US, Lexus proved that it was not all a joke; unlike a similar story that involved celebrities and

The Amazing Auto Jaguar Almost Made

2010 was Jaguar’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate that fact, the cat car company made a one-off hyper car that was designed to demonstrate their technological and mechanical prowess. The result was figuratively (and potentially literally) breath taking. Jaguar made a Hybrid with a amazing statistics, the car was so popular at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, it almost reached the production line. When it

The Best Car Jaguar Will Never Make

The Jaguar brand did not exist until 1935. Before then, the father of Jaguar was a coach builder; he made stunning bodies for cars that already existed. That year he made his first car, the sporty SS100. 75 years after the unveiling of their first production car, Jaguar made the best car under the badge; the C-X75, unfortunately, the completely conceptual concept will never hit the streets. That

Goodyear Makes Tires no One Will Ever Use

When someone thinks of ludicrous automotive designers, most people would probably think of BMW, Toyota (Lexus), or probably something French, but I do not suppose they would think of Goodyear… but maybe they should. In a spur of interest sparked by a picture of a some concept tires; I followed the curiosity further, and deeper into wonderland. After finding my way home from the land of obscure au

Chevy’s Futuristic Concept Car Will Make You Want a Time Machine ASAP

We all recognize the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 featured in the Back to the Future series. In retrospect, it wasn’t the slickest-looking vehicle, but who wouldn’t love to tool around in a sports car that can travel backwards and forwards in time? While auto manufacturers haven’t yet invented a non-gas powered time machine, Chevrolet has come up with the next best thing with its FNR c