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Ford Ranger: Compact Trucks Are Awesome

The prospect of an American compact truck died with the Ford Ranger in 2012, and it was Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations that killed it. That is unfortunate, because not only are compact trucks very useful (arguably more so than bigger trucks, but I’ll get to that shortly), but the Ford Ranger in particular was incredible. Granted, it was not the best of its compact truck competi

The Fall of the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger never sold as well in the United States as the automaker would have hoped. Because of lackluster sales, the tiny truck was removed from the Blue Oval’s mainland line-up. In retrospect, it is not hard to see why the Detroit automaker decided to give the aging little truck the axe. All small truck sales, were dropping across the board. In 1994 small trucks were about 8 percent of a

Volvo's Rise

Volvo walked away from the North American International Auto Show with their heads rising higher than they were after CES. The Swedish Company walked right into the biggest Auto Show in North America and proceeded to steal the show. The timing could not be better for the foreign auto manufacturer; still reeling from internal restructuring issues. Ford sold Volvo to Chinese investors in 2010. Despi

Ford Focus on the Positive

As much as I approve of the idea of New Ford (post nameless marketing campaign), it seems that as of late the auto has been slacking. Unfortunately, after years of progress towards regaining lost ground the major Detroit Automaker has started to hit some snafus. Instead of surrounding itself in positive attention regarding the new freakishly fast foci hitting the pipelines; Ford is being marred by

2016 Ford Focus (RS) on Speed

While the Ford Focus has a litany of impressive pluses, speed cannot be added to that list of goodies. As mentioned before, downshifting in a manual is a quick relative fix for the most part. If buying one used (2012-2013 era) be wary of the PowerShift technology, a thrust bearing within PowerShift transmissions common Ford Foci has a tendency to over-eagerly expire. Even if it has not expired p

Ford Focus Transmissions

The Ford Focus is a phenomenal car. They are cheap, gas efficient, reliable and spacious. Despite a somewhat lingering distrust of of the blue oval, they are making only quality vehicles these days. In America, they may not be the best selling nor the most trusted options in their segments, but in Europe; their sedans and hatchbacks go fast (they receive RS treatment). Luckily, the US will be best

Ford Googles how to Drive

Recently, a high stakes coupling of Google and Ford Motor Company; had all those who knew an involved source, speculating as to what the particulars of the deal might be. All in all, all that was truly certain was that both companies’ partnership statuses on LinkedIn was on working on it with no official word. Now, both Google and Ford Motor Company have weirdsies as their current status. Despite

Birth of an Icon: Ford Motor Company

The Ford GT in many ways embodies its company’s spirit better than any of its siblings. Not only is it the most technologically advanced car, but it sets an example for all the family. It can be argued that the GT is not considered the Ford Motor Company icon, but this generation birthed unequivocally Detroit’s street smartest auto. A vaster portion of the population think: Model T, Mustang or F-

Potential Partnership: Google and Ford

The future of cars is steering itself towards autonomous technology; surprisingly, it is not an automaker guiding that charge, but Google. The tech titan (not project titan) had a head start on the competition, in that it already had a well documented and extensive on the US automotive infrastructure, and not to mention access to a myriad of satellites. Now, Google is rumored to be trying to (pote

Ford Escapes Convention

The Ford Escape has done exceedingly well for the company, they sold over three million last year alone. In the fastest growing market of the automotive segment (small SUVs), it has managed to maintain its position of number two despite mounting opposition. The only car that outsells it, is the Honda CR-V; that is probably primarily due to the gas mileage enjoyed by CR-V owners. Despite the mileag