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Marchionne Risks It All on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Sergio Marchionne has taken audacious actions in order to revamp Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Everytime he has taken the helm of a normal automaker (as opposed to the fabled Ferrari s.P.a (now N.V.)), bankrupt or heading towards it. Now, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Marchionne started with Fiat, in 2003. When he got a hold of it, it was far from even faltering

Toyotosoft: Satirical Dissection of a Deepity

I would like to start this article off with an apology, the title is clickbait at its finest… but you would be lying if you said that Toyotosoft is not one of the great portmanteaus (it is actually a second level portmanteau) of the language (or languages to be more precise). With that out of the way, there is some truth to the statement. Toyota and Microsoft, in their continuing collaborative e

Volkswagen's Electric Distraction

After being burned via (the lungs in particulate) diesel emissions, Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) has started to electrify everything (primarily Porsche). Many might believe it is a marketing ploy; that it is all in response to the scandal, but that is not true. Even before the diesel disaster; the auto group was using the excesses generated by Audi and Porsche to develop interchangeable modal e

Tesla: Hacks and Rumors

Tesla Motors cannot spend a single week without being a publicized topic of discussion for a litany of various reasons. Skeptics usually have some harbinger of doom to broadcast, while Tesla-philes have some new snake oil to talk up. Usually it is non-news with a buzzword (Tesla) incorporated into it. That said, some of the following will be speculative (non-news) by origin. However, combined, th

BMW Designed a Hydrofoil and Doesn't Know it

During their centenary celebration, BMW released a concept car that is designed for the Bavarian Motor Workers’ idea for the future. The concept was fascinating and an apt example of their prowess in the market. Though, in accordance with a common critique of the brand as of late, they did not take it far enough. First, an explanation. I was referencing a complaint that the ultimate driving

Riding BMW's Vision (NEXT) of the Future

BMW turned 100 years old yesterday. The company decided to celebrate with a Carolesque view of its lifespan. To properly conceptualize their forecast of the future, they decided to make a car for the year 2116, the BMW Vision Next 100. The concept pictured above is not just a product of imagineering. That word being used in the literal sense one would infer from the portmanteau, not as an implica

Automotive Market Flooded in Marketing

With most cars looking just about the same circa 1980, and all automakers looking for corners to acceptably cut for profit. Engineers were relegated to manufacturing monotony; whichever badge has the most allure wins. The aforementioned appeal comes from two things; historical pedigree, effective marketing, or both. In the 1980s businessmen were the new rock stars (and engineers). The corporate

Land Rover Defender: The Death of Huey

The British made Defender, has been essentially unchanged since 1983, though before then it was denoted by its wheelbase (as in: Land Rover 110). In 1990 they were to introduce a new wheelbase Discovery, and feared it would be the source of confusion, so Land Rover added the Defender designation to divert the discovery of anarchy (under the mud is a dirty Discovery). Other than the addition of m

Andy Palmer Exaggerated

Aston Martin is a particularly fascinating company, because it is one of very few companies that has been consistently and universally highly regarded, as it staves off bankruptcy. The British Automaker has been opposed to corporate ideals from the very beginning. Their production proclivity has been persistently poor. As opposed to streamlining as all other automakers have done, Aston Martin has

The Rezvani Beast Is Real

When Ferris Rezvani announced that he was going to be making yet another supercar he was met with quite a bit of skepticism. Why would anyone believe that he was to actually make a product, when his first two attempts were vapor. Both the Bulleta RF-22 and the Volarra GT never materialized under his helm (though a Dutch version of the latter will soon be available by the name Vencer Sarthe). Howev