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Hoverboards: Lexus Was Not Joking

It has been well documented that Lexus has been working on a Hoverboard. The internet had a field day as soon as the video teasers started being released in June. The company asserted that they would be officially releasing the prototype in all its Glory August 5th. While it still the 4th here in the US, Lexus proved that it was not all a joke; unlike a similar story that involved celebrities and

Top Gear Without Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear is the most successful car show ever. Its weekly viewership was 350 million, before it stopped presenting episodes midseason earlier this year. Since then the future of the show has been open to speculation. Not in that people were worried that it was cancelled, anyone that knew anything about Top Gear knew that it would be back in some form or fashion with or without Jeremy Clarkson. Vi

Hyundai Motor Company: Making Moves All Over

General Motors just received some unwelcome news, because Hyundai Motor Company just became the official sponsor of the NFL.  A vague source claims the car manufacturer spent twice as much as GM did for the coveted position, $50 million. Even if it is less, the, NFL is getting a great deal here, regardless. Not only could they get more money upfront, but the contract is not exclusive like GM’s wa

A Tale of Two Batmobiles

Most kids grow up wanting to be Batman—after all, what’s cooler than fighting crime in a sweet ride like the Batmobile? The look of the Batmobile is typically among the most anticipated aspects of any Batman film, which explains the considerable excitement surrounding the reveal of the new Batmobile that will appear in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. The new

Vegas Dealership Sells Over 100 Cars to Its New Best Friend, Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s nickname is Money, which is apt when you consider his tastes in luxury vehicles. His fancy car fetish is so extreme that one Las Vegas dealership, Towbin Motorcars, has sold over 100 cars to Mayweather—which he paid for with cold hard cash. Among the vehicles Mayweather purchased from Towbin Motorcars include 16 Rolls-Royces and three Bugattis. It’s no wonder that they literall

Play Pac-Man on Your Local Streets Thanks to Google Maps

Is it an April Fools’ Day trick or a sweet gaming treat? Google must employ a few fans of classic arcade games, which would explain why you can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps. The game play is fiendishly simple: once you’re on Google Maps, find your area of the country and then click on the Pac-Man icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. From there, your streets will be littered with yello

Cameo King Stan Lee Schools Us on the New Audi S8

Aside from co-creating such iconic characters as Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Avengers, Stan Lee is perhaps best known for his brief yet memorable cameos in Marvel movies. In fact, he’s arguably the best cameo actor in the business, which is the premise of the hilarious new ad for the Audi S8. The two-minute short is directed by Kevin Smith of Clerks and Chasing Amy fame—naturally, he

Chevrolet Goes to ‘Tomorrowland’ to Market the 2016 Volt

Product placement in films and TV is a pretty common sight these days, even if there isn’t much of a connection between the movie or show and the product. But a future leaning film that features the latest hybrid electric cars could be considered a natural fit. It appears that Chevrolet and Disney agree with this assessment, since the 2016 Chevrolet Volt (along with the electric EN-V concept car)