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Autonomous Driving: Safety and the Double Standard

The development of autonomous cars has brought a new and exciting concept to everyday travel. Practically the entire automotive industry is on board with developing and testing their own autonomous vehicles. Even Silicon Valley has its hand in the mix, with Google creating its own autonomous prototypes. With over 33,000 deaths caused by auto accidents each year, automakers and safety regulators ar

Tesla Terrifies Petrol Powered Automakers

Tesla Motors was not really challenged the way other innovative ideas have been in the past, however it was repeatedly dismissed. Before the Roadster came out people put the idea of a practical electric auto into the boondoggle category. After it came out detractors denounced it as a niche market car. Belittled Tesla Motors by implying they had only succeeded in editing a Lotus Elise into an elect

Tesla Jr.

The headline may have caught you by surprise, so let me reiterate: yes, Tesla has built a Model S for kids. While you or I might think that’s a bit nutty, Elon Musk has come up with far more outlandish proposals in the past. The mini Tesla Model S—which we are henceforth calling Tesla Jr. (pictured)—was created in collaboration with Radio Flyer. (If the brand name isn’t familiar to you, you may s

Porsche on a Mission E to Beat Tesla

When you’re top gun, everyone’s gonna come gunning for you. Every automaker from Mercedes to Audi—and even tech companies like Apple—claims to have an electric battery-powered luxury vehicle in development that can unseat the Tesla Model S for market supremacy. The latest challenger to the Tesla throne is Porsche, who appears to making good on CEO Matthias Mueller’s promise to produce a purely ele

Tesla Model S P85D Keeps It (Better Than) 100

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has plenty to be pleased about this week. Yesterday it was revealed that Tesla beat its own record for range with a remarkable 452.8 miles on a single electric charge. Apparently, however, the upstart EV automaker wasn’t satisfied with beating just one world record—they had to go and do it again by scoring 103 points out of a possible 100 in the Consumer Reports Ratings

Tesla Motors Beat its Own Record

I frequently start articles this way, but it is hard not to when talking about Tesla Motors, they are just always in the news for something or other. Usually it is stock speculation; is it still a sound investment, or oh look at that, the company did something else praise (or at least buzz worthy). This falls under the latter category. Tesla Motors has set (or beat) 3 world records this year; all

Will Tesla Motors Deliver?

Tesla Motors has a habit of promising amazing things in elaborate events… then never mentioning them again until eons after the declared date or when called on it. To be honest, most of that can be traced to their enigmatic leader, Elon Musk. The man is a genius and a promotional wizard, but I am not sure he realizes time is linear. All of his pledges will eventually be proven true, but like an

Tesla Model S Updates Auto Industry

By now, the Tesla Model S is on everyone’s radar. Hate it or love it, everyone knows about it. The competitors are trying to emulate and abrogate its sales, the average auto buyers are craving and saving to afford it, and petrol companies recoil in disgust and mistrust, hoping it rusts and combusts. But bias aside, the Tesla Model S updated the auto industry into the 21st century. I have driven m

Tesla Patches Hole in Model S Vehicle Security

Hackers exploiting security loopholes in vehicle technology seems to be a prevailing trend in the auto industry. The latest such vehicle security scandal has touched Tesla Motors, whose Model S engine was turned off by enterprising researchers whose results were published by Wired. To be fair, Tesla was able to address their vehicle hacking issues in a more expeditious manner than did Fiat Chrysl

Tesla Model S: More Updates Pending

I loved the idea of the Tesla Model S before it even came out, I could even live with the fact that it would never come with a standard transmission (I find them fun). I was not even skeptical, knowing a thing or two about Elon Musk beforehand led me to take his word. Then the car actually came out and it was just as good as it was supposed to be. Now Tesla is officially offering hardware upgrade