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Tesla Vehicle Predicts Collision Seconds Before It Happens

With self-driving vehicles slowly becoming more and more advanced, many individuals are already excited to see what potential uses they could have on the road. It comes as no surprise that so many are already beginning to test out the vehicles for their practical applications. Self-driving cars use constantly calculating and adjusting algorithms to test road conditions and make sure that the drive

Autonomous Driving: Safety and the Double Standard

The development of autonomous cars has brought a new and exciting concept to everyday travel. Practically the entire automotive industry is on board with developing and testing their own autonomous vehicles. Even Silicon Valley has its hand in the mix, with Google creating its own autonomous prototypes. With over 33,000 deaths caused by auto accidents each year, automakers and safety regulators ar

Uber Releases Their Self-Driving Car

Companies have been racing to introduce a true self-driving car for a few years now. Big companies such as Tesla, Apple and Google have invested large amounts of money into autonomous vehicle technology. Today, Uber announced that they will be testing their self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh. Uber plans on testing out their self-driving technology with roughly two dozen Ford Fusions. Their engineers

The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

There has been much debate over the years about whether people should purchase an electric car or stay with a regular one. When it comes to driving the vehicle, many often assume that electric cars are slower than traditional cars with bulky gas engines, that they don’t look very appealing and then there's also the issue about recharging the battery on a long drive. This may be due to the first fe

Google's New Self-Driving Technology

Self-driving cars have started getting more attention as they are becoming more of a reality. Many companies such as Google and Tesla have started testing and adding self-driving technology into their vehicles. While Google is still experimenting with their vehicles, Tesla has already released some “autopilot” features in their cars. Unfortunately, even though there is an “autopilot” feature in t

AutoPacific Announces 2016 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

According to the results of Auto Pacific’s 2016 Vehicle Satisfaction Award research, Tesla has risen to the top of the list once again as the most satisfying car brand for the second year in a row among all car and light truck owners. Auto Pacific is a future-oriented automotive marketing and product-consulting firm. This yearly study revealed the 2016 results in Tustin, California on June 8,

Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe Enough?

We live in an age of technology and innovation. Most of the time these things bring many positives into our lives, including much-appreciate modern conveniences. Although a self-driving car has yet to be released to the general public, anticipation about the convenience they will provide and its other positives have all of the world talking. However, automotive safety advocates are beginning to ha

Tesla Is Special

While Tesla Motors is universally praised for making what some consider to be the greatest car ever; not every aspect of the company garners such admiration. Namely, Tesla’s ability to push volume. Thus far, Tesla has never been able to actually build even 30,000 cars in a single year, which is what they sold last year. Graciously, last year, the company saw almost a 50 percent boost in prod

Tesla Model 3 and the Bolt in its Plans

The day the automotive world has been waiting for came and went, Tesla Motors revealed their highly anticipated Model 3. There were two mentalities of anticipation, either you are on team Tesla is going to save the world, or ruin my business. Obviously the oil industry, has vested interest in the Model 3’s flopping. They wanted the range to be under 200 miles so the anxiety would hinder sales. Un

Tesla Terrifies Petrol Powered Automakers

Tesla Motors was not really challenged the way other innovative ideas have been in the past, however it was repeatedly dismissed. Before the Roadster came out people put the idea of a practical electric auto into the boondoggle category. After it came out detractors denounced it as a niche market car. Belittled Tesla Motors by implying they had only succeeded in editing a Lotus Elise into an elect