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Scandal at Volkswagen: Fixing What’s Already Been Broken

As you recover from your tryptophan comas this Thanksgiving, we’re here to deliver a brief update in the Scandal at Volkswagen… On Wednesday, Volkswagen announced how it would fix the diesel-powered vehicles implicated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) as having cheated on emissions tests. VW will install a tubular part known as a flow transfor

Scandal at Volkswagen: All You Need is Cash

Today is the day when Volkswagen is expected to provide a detailed plan to the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board for recalling and repairing the nearly half-million 2.0-liter diesel vehicles that violated emissions standards. While we await word from VW, the EPA and CARB, we have time for a quick update on everyone’s favorite scandal-plagued automaker. On Frid

Volkswagen Vows to Clean Up its Act, But What About CO2 Emissions?

Perhaps you saw this ad when you opened your Sunday paper this past weekend: In an open letter to consumers, Volkswagen CEO Michael Horn issued a mea culpa for the diesel-engine emissions scandal that has affected approximately 11 million vehicles worldwide. While Horn pledged that VW will “make things right” through such initiatives as a customer goodwill program, the company’s

Volkswagen Snags Self-Driving Vehicles Guru from Apple

Time for a quick recap on everyone’s favorite scandal-scarred automaker… Jungwirth Jumps to VW From a career perspective, going from Apple to Volkswagen these days is a bit like going from Club Med to the Titanic. But that’s what Johann Jungwirth (pictured, right) has elected to do in taking a position with VW in its newly created department devoted to self-driving vehicles. Jungwirth is moving

Scandal at Volkswagen: Mo Money, No Problems?

The scandal at Volkswagen has taken many strange twists and turns since the story first broke in September—is it possible that Volkswagen can buy itself some positive PR with some customer incentives? That’s the first question we’ll tackle in this roundup of news about everyone’s favorite emissions-test cheating automaker. All You Need Is Cash Bribery is such an unseemly practice and one general

Scandal at Volkswagen: It Gets Worse

Until now, the scope of the Scandal at Volkswagen was limited to VW’s diesel-powered models. Sure, the scandal resulted in millions of nitrogen-oxide spewing vehicles and potentially billions spent to resolve the problem. But as bad as things have been, at least they couldn’t get any worse, right? As it turns out, things have indeed gotten worse. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen

Scandal At Volkswagen: Now Porsche is Ridin’ Dirty

Just when the long-running Scandal at Volkswagen series seemed to be running out of fresh storylines, a new plot twist has been unearthed that is guaranteed to keep automotive news fans on the edges of their seats. On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) slapped Volkswagen with its second notice of violation (NOV) for emissions cheating—only this time, the EPA’s indictment not only t

Volkswagen’s Classic Camper Van Goes Electric

It’s been a rough couple of months for Volkswagen, but that doesn’t mean every story about the scandal-scarred automaker is negative. In fact, this bit of news might inspire a wistful smile and feelings of nostalgia from baby boomers reliving their hippie days. Volkswagen is rebooting its classic camper van model that it discontinued back in 2013. A VW board member confirmed during the recent New

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Volkswagen Street?

Recently we compared the scandal at Volkswagen to a Martin Scorsese film in that both stories involved a great rise and an even greater fall. In that comparison, we also remarked on the parallel paths of now-deposed VW CEO Martin Winterkorn and Jordan Belfort—little did we realize that the actor who portrayed Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street may do the same for Winterkorn on the big screen as we

Volkswagen CEO Michael Horn Blows Sad Song to Congress (UPDATED)

UPDATE: In his oral testimony to the U.S House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, Volkswagen America CEO Michael Horn apologized for his company’s actions while pinning the blame on unnamed “individuals” for cheating emissions tests and deceiving U.S. regulators. "This was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reason," Horn said on Thursday with regard to the defeat