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Audi Charges Ahead

Some may or may not know, Audi had a part in the Volkswagen Diesel scandal of 2015. Their entry level A3 diesel had the four cylinder diesel at the heart of the scandal. However, Ingolstadt based marvel maker is (or should be) more well known for their e-tron series. While I’m sure the e-tron series has been tinkered with for well over a decade now, the first (concept) model was not unveiled

Scandal at Volkswagen: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi and More

Time for a quick recap on recent developments involving everyone’s favorite scandal-plagued German automaker: Five Million Not Served Approximately five million Volkswagen Passenger Cars were outfitted with the defeat devices used to cheat emissions tests, according to a statement released by Volkswagen on Friday. Earlier in the week, VW revealed that 11 million of its diesel-powered vehicles, s

Audi vs. Tesla Pt. 2: Rise of the Audi Q6

The impact of Tesla Motors on the automotive industry cannot be overstated. In its short existence, the little electric vehicle maker that could has changed the game by inspiring other auto companies to manufacture EVs of their own. One of Tesla’s more notable competitors in the electric vehicle field is Audi. As we noted in Part 1 of this series, Audi and Tesla are engaged in an electric battery

Audi vs. Tesla: The Electric Battery Wars

There will probably come a day in the not-too-distant future where we’ll view combustion engine powered vehicles as archaic a mode of transportation as the car that the Flintstones used to tool around in. (Talk about your faulty braking systems!) For now, C02-belching cars dominate the American auto industry due to people’s strong attachment to them, along with a dearth of viable alternatives. Bu

Audi A8: Totem of Luxury

When considering the upper echelons of $100,000 luxury cars, 3 names are always brought up, BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class and Audi A8. The names are almost synonymous with luxury. The Tesla should be just as formidable but they do not have the established infrastructure... yet, but when they do it will be a 4 horse race to the top. But as of now, the Audi A8 sits atop the luxury totem pole, and f

Armoured Vehicles: Sometimes it Is Necessary

As a mere peasant, I have not been introduced to a world where an insanely expensive armoured vehicle is necessary. I am not very important (yet), and most people I know like me. The ones that do not are definitely not going to kill me over it. But, there has been a market for it for 100s of years now. Leonardo da Vinci designed an armoured vehicle in the 15th Century, but it was a failure. The w

Audi R8: Grace Plus Race

The Audi R8 debuted in 2007, when it did it revolutionized the entire brand. Before then people saw the Bavarian based Automaker (no, not Bavarian Motor Works) as an afterthought, especially after the other Bavarian company (this time I do mean BMW). People thought: well we’ve seen BMWs, Jags, Mercedi, Lexi, Acuras, Cadillacs and nothing has struck our attention… maybe we should swing

Cameo King Stan Lee Schools Us on the New Audi S8

Aside from co-creating such iconic characters as Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Avengers, Stan Lee is perhaps best known for his brief yet memorable cameos in Marvel movies. In fact, he’s arguably the best cameo actor in the business, which is the premise of the hilarious new ad for the Audi S8. The two-minute short is directed by Kevin Smith of Clerks and Chasing Amy fame—naturally, he