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Fast and Furious - American Edition

When speed is the most important part of your decision while trying to purchase a car, American muscle will not disappoint. US carmakers have produced some of the fastest cars in the world which can keep up with many of the exotic sports cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but don’t cost nearly as much. When you’re looking for a fast car that is American made, there are quite a few choices. We

QNX Technology Assisting Ford and Toyota

In 2015 the phrase “internet of things” or IoT become quite popular and Blackberry, Google and have Amazon started focusing on connecting smart devices. With smartphones now linking up to home devices, planes and cars, many companies have started investing in technology that will make every day life much easier for consumers by allowing all of their devices to share important information. An exam

Lebanon Ford's Fearlessness Pays Off

When Charlie Watson, the manager of a small Ford dealership in Ohio, took in a late night viewing of the classic film “Smokey and the Bandit,” he had an epiphany. While watching the film, he realized that the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove was powerful without the added technology or flash. Watson said, “Back in the day, it was just a man and his car. It had a big engine and tons o

American Muscle Cars Continue to Improve Safety Ratings

It is not secret that American drivers love the look and feel of classic muscle cars. Though first originating several decades ago, the muscle car culture in America has grown and developed over the years. There is a thriving muscle car community, one that takes pride in the customization and driving aspects of the vehicles. However, though style and function have always been tremendous topics of

Ford and Friends: Specifically General Motors

Building a car is an exceedingly and increasingly expensive endeavor, companies like Ford Motor Company and General Motors can spend a billion dollars just designing one car. Building a car is so expensive the bitter rivals Ford Motor Company and GM, chose to work together to build a transmission. A few decades ago that was not the case. It was not only The Big (or Detroit) Three (Ford, General M

Uber Autonomous

Uber has officially made its presence known in the race for an autonomous auto. After; what seems like; every automotive entity has made gains in the area of autonomy, Uber has joined the exclusive ranks of public testing. Those that reside or visit Pittsburgh have a chance to see Uber’s fleet of Ford Fusions driving about the city. Unlike other more inconspicuous autonomous autos testing on

Smart Mobility, What's That?

Smart mobility is now being used to describe the new developments that the share economy has forced upon the auto industry. Basically, it is learning to mobilize more effectively using the internet. Using an app to: hail a cab, share autonomous autos, rent a car or find a multi-modular route to reach a certain destination; all fall under smart mobility. Companies know that this new concept will s

Auto Groups: Fixing Ford's Folly

In the go-go 80s the only thing that garnered more prestige than owning one company was owning several. After a while, it was almost a taboo to be in the upper echelons and only own one company. Small business owner? More like a peasant with a loan. Thanks to corporate personhood (not really) even Ford as an entity wanted to become an Auto Group to be hip like all the others. That was a satirical

Ford Set to Leave Operations in Japan and Indonesia Behind

It’s always sad when a long-term relationship comes to an end, regardless of whether the relationship is professional or personal. Just ask the Ford Motor Company, which says it’s breaking up with two companies that were once among the automaker’s most trusted partners. Ford announced that it’s shutting down its business operations in Japan and Indonesia this year due to declining sales. As repor

Crossovers, SUVs and Pickup Trucks Are What’s Hot in the Streets

Car buyers can’t get enough of crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, and car companies are only too happy to oblige them by pumping those vehicles out as fast as they can. The major automakers displaying their wares at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show emphasized their crossovers, SUV and pickup truck models. Report after report after report from the Windy City indicates that the trend toward utility vehi