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Plug-in Hybrid SUV Race: Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is entering its second generation. This new generation is beyond exciting. Before its official release in the fall later this year; it has already nearly reached its projected production numbers for 2015: 44,000 of 50,000 in pre-orders with at least another month before hitting showrooms. And that was only in the span of less than a year from its unveiling last year. It has also wo

Plug-in Hybrid SAV Race: BMW X5

Three Automakers: BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo are trying to make a plug-in hybrid SUV before the release of the Tesla Model X. They are all being made by European Automotive royalty, but can they even compete with the scrappy upstart Tesla’s all electric SUV? Maybe... but first how do they stack up against one another. First up, a plugin SAV from BMW: their new X5 xDrive40e (is a mouthful) seems to e

The Tesla Model S Is now Ludicrous

The Tesla Model S has been a topic of great discussion since even before it was built. Elon Musk started making fantastic promises after making their roadster. The roadster did not break any sales records, but it did make enough to bankroll some of its younger brother’s R&D costs. The Tesla Model S was thought to be an insane lark before release, but after ludicrous sales proved it was no fluk

Audi R8: Grace Plus Race

The Audi R8 debuted in 2007, when it did it revolutionized the entire brand. Before then people saw the Bavarian based Automaker (no, not Bavarian Motor Works) as an afterthought, especially after the other Bavarian company (this time I do mean BMW). People thought: well we’ve seen BMWs, Jags, Mercedi, Lexi, Acuras, Cadillacs and nothing has struck our attention… maybe we should swing

Chevrolet Silverado Overhaul

Truck sales are normalizing by US standards (up by five percent), and leading the charge is the Chevrolet Silverado’s 15 percent vault. Ford recently revamped their flagship F-150. It now features aluminum paneling among other changes. Despite the technical superiority of the new model, sales of the F-series have dropped by almost two and a half percent. It seems that the Chevrolet Silverado

Ford Focus: More Than a Face

For years the Ford Focus has been one of the best selling compact cars in this country. Currently the only cars that are ranked better and/or sell more in the compact car category are the Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf and Jetta in descending order. The Ford Focus, however has more adaptability than most of its rivals, behind a pretty face, it has a sport version, a gas-efficient EcoBoost version and an

Chevrolet Cruze: One Last Look at 2015

The Chevrolet Cruze is Chevy’s answer to the Civic and/or the Corolla. A small entry level car that can do anything a car has to. It is cheap, reliable, and relatively gas-efficient. It is not marked at the top of its class, but that does not make it any less of an option, it is still a great looking car. The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, will take one last lap with the old body, before their new look arr

Peek at the 2018 BMW M5

For as long as I can remember, the BMW M5 has been the gold standard for sports sedans. They mix together a family friendly car with family frightening engineering. Needless to say, if you own one I would not suggest infusing the car with M-Power with a wife (or husband if she is the family driver) or kids in the car. It seems a few lucky souls at Nürburgring got a chance to peek at the upcom

Tesla Motors Model S Might Be the Best Car Ever

A few years ago, if you told me that a relatively unknown automaker; Tesla Motors; that historically, has only offered one very niche car, was going to be Car of the Year, I would have bet money that it wouldn’t. Honestly, I never bet, but in that scenario, I would have said to myself, take this chump for all he’s (or she’s) worth. Thankfully that opportunity did not ever present itself, because I

Revamping Alfa Romeo With the Giulia

Alfa Romeo has always had a special place in motorists hearts. This is not because they are known for reliability, but because they were known for outlandishness. Like Lancia, the Italian cars they made were not necessarily going to last through the warranty, but like a supernova, they made an impression during their lifespan… also possibly a huge fire in the process. But that was half the fun. No