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Technological Advancements in the Auto Industry

In the auto industry, advancements and breakthroughs are a constant occurrence. If you’ve had your current vehicle for five years or more and are considering buying a new car, you’re sure to appreciate the advanced technology in today's vehicles that may not have existed the last time you were in the market for something new. Sophisticated safety systems are on this list. Today, many

Apple: Autonomous Driving Data and Didi Chuxing

Recently, Apple Inc. invested $1 Billion into an Uber competitor in China; Didi Chuxing. On the surface that is a rather uninteresting story. However, there are a number of details, that give the story more color, and allow onlookers to cast conjectures as to what Apple’s intentions are. The key detail that opens the story up to speculations is that fact that Didi Chuxing by no means needs $1 bil

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Courts Google

The most consistent criticism against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been that they are behinds the times, in terms of automotive technology. That is actually a valid argument. Sergio Marchionne has prioritized quantity over quality in order to get Fiat Chrysler Automobiles back onto clear waters. That technique is not unique to FCA. Countless automakers employed that exact same mass product

Toyotosoft: Satirical Dissection of a Deepity

I would like to start this article off with an apology, the title is clickbait at its finest… but you would be lying if you said that Toyotosoft is not one of the great portmanteaus (it is actually a second level portmanteau) of the language (or languages to be more precise). With that out of the way, there is some truth to the statement. Toyota and Microsoft, in their continuing collaborative e

Autonomous Auto Anatomy: Nervous System

While we think the idea of an autonomous auto as a relatively new one, it has been gestating for over four decades. The anatomy of an autonomous auto has been developing since the introduction of an Anti-lock braking system (ABS). While it is normally thought of as an automotive process, the first vehicle to have an antilock braking technology was actually a plane in 1929. Anti-lock brakes work b

The Art of Stopping

When most people think about autonomous autos, the center of focus is usually the steering not nraking. But being able to let the car coast along at a predetermined speed with hands off the wheel. But it can be argued that braking is more important in the autonomy formula. The technology for automatic braking has been around for 45 years now. The Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) was introduced by

Autonomous Auto Technology Is Ready

Technology is especially hard to enforce because legislators frequently have a hard time understanding it. Given its longevity, and propensity for prompt proliferous progress, the automotive industry is of the best acquainted with congressional ignorance. An excellent contemporary illustration is the Apple encryption case. Lawmakers have a fundamental misunderstanding of the crux of that case. R

Automotive Legislation Lag

It is a well documented fact that legislation lags behind automotive technology more often than not. There are many vehicular safety improvements floating around only in the imaginations of engineers. However, because legislators live many years in the past, they have not been able to be implemented. Those on the side of Libertarian values would argue, that it is no place of the (already too large

Automotive Market Flooded in Marketing

With most cars looking just about the same circa 1980, and all automakers looking for corners to acceptably cut for profit. Engineers were relegated to manufacturing monotony; whichever badge has the most allure wins. The aforementioned appeal comes from two things; historical pedigree, effective marketing, or both. In the 1980s businessmen were the new rock stars (and engineers). The corporate

BMW to Enter Autonomous Car Race

While the future of autonomous cars remains speculative at present, auto companies will continue to produce self-driving car prototypes. The quest to develop a viable autonomous car has been particularly prevalent lately—and we should know, as we’ve been covering the self-driving vehicle trend for the past several months. Now, according to Reuters, BMW looks to be the latest entrant in the race to