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Stay on Track with the Ford Shelby Shift Light Display

Anticipation for the Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang has been at a fever pitch for months, despite Ford’s recent announcement of limited production runs for the two high-grade pony cars. But before the Ford Shelby brand makes its triumphant return to dealership floors this fall, the Ford Motor Company teased fans with details about its newest innovation: a customizable shift light indicator.

What Will Illuminate the Future

Headlights are something most people do not ever really think about anymore. They are a convenience that is done effectively by basically every car on the road… well… at least in first world countries. There are many other roads across the globe where I be genuinely scared of driving on at night, and I have driven in some truly terrible driving conditions. Beyond all the horror stories I’ve seen

Tesla Model S: More Updates Pending

I loved the idea of the Tesla Model S before it even came out, I could even live with the fact that it would never come with a standard transmission (I find them fun). I was not even skeptical, knowing a thing or two about Elon Musk beforehand led me to take his word. Then the car actually came out and it was just as good as it was supposed to be. Now Tesla is officially offering hardware upgrade

Google Tests Self-Driving Vehicles in Austin, TX

In mid-May, we informed you that Google would be test-driving its self-driving vehicles on American roads this summer. Now that moment is now finally at hand—and what better place is there to test those vehicles than in the Lone Star State? Google officially announced on Tuesday that Austin, TX is the first U.S. city to see self-driving vehicles on its roads. Up until now, Google had only tested

Jaguar Cars Are Keeping it Real

Apparently, the future founder of the most iconic name in British automotive History; Jaguar; William Lyons and his neighbor William Walmsley were the first to make stylish side cars. In 1922, the coach maker formerly known as Swallows was established. The company was so successful making sidecars, that they expanded their business to include coach building for automobiles in 1926. In 1927 Swallow

Ford Motor Company: Innovating and Renovating

Ford Motor Company has been sporadically trending on Google for a few days now. It seems every other time I check back on the Business or Technology tabs on Google News it is there. Every time I delve in there is a surprise, because the news is equally sporadic from positive to potentially negative. Ford Motor Company is renovating one side of their fence while innovating on the other side. The f

OnStar: Worth the Money?

It is no coincidence that GM (General Motors) comes standard with OnStar. GM actually owns the company. That said, they are looking forward to your extending your membership. To be honest, their Protection plan doesn’t really impress me, and the Guidance plan is getting more creative if nothing else. But what I think might be worth the money is OnStar’s Security package. The Protection

OnStar Protecting Cars Before Being Bought

OnStar comes free with the purchase of any GM (General Motors) vehicle, if only for a few months. The GM subcontractor is constantly growing. When they first came out, I could not justify paying the extra money. The Security plan however is well worth it for peace of mind. At dealerships, OnStar is being touted as a godsend; cars are all but stolen before the Security plan kicks in and assures the

Samsung Semi-Trailer Truck Program Aims to Save Lives

From the perspective of semi-trailer truck drivers, it can be difficult to tell when a vehicle is attempting a passing maneuver. The size of most semis makes seeing vehicles driving behind or alongside them difficult even under the best of circumstances. That degree of difficulty is only increased in countries like Argentina and their numerous tight, one-lane roads. Unfortunately, for many Argent

Jaguar Land Rover Has a Sixth Sense for Driver Safety

A few days ago in this space, we reviewed Jaguar Land Rover’s plans to develop a remote-controlled SUV that operates via a smartphone app. Now it appears that Jaguar Land Rover is trying to outdo itself in the automated driving front with their latest announcement: a road safety research project known as the Sixth Sense program that monitors driver’s brainwaves and other vital signs in order to id