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Automotive Inspirations Introduction

When necessity is no longer available, economic gains and/or competition are the most effective drivers of innovation. This has resulted in eras of competitively concentrated innovation in the automotive market. Specific dates are difficult to solidify, but there generalized lapses in which the invisible hand Adam Smith spoke of, pointed out particular problems which were promptly pummeled into pa

How History Will Remember Tesla

Tesla lives in the headlines, because it has a compelling story behind it. The man that established the company does not just have a vision for the future of his many companies, his vision blankets over humanity. Tesla is not even the most impressive company under his many hats, SpaceX is already the first private company to have stolen governmental contracts away from NASA. Elon Musk wants to us

Tesla Takes Their Time

After Tesla Motors broke the scale (and the compression machine) with their Model S, and then achieved expectations with the Model X, the Model 3 has some large shoes to fill. As important as the other two were, the Tesla Model 3 is far more to the company’s future success or failure. Relatively speaking, it is rather simple to make one car in low volume, that shames the more established com

Tesla and the Industry

Tesla Motors must be one of the most explosive companies to ever grace the automotive market. Despite the fact that there are established players in the market that have been selling cars for decades now, their offerings cannot compete with the second car Tesla Motors ever designed, the Model S. In all fairness to the other automakers, they had a pretty good thing going for quite a while. After de

Oil Companies and Peak Car

For a while now, people have believed that we are experiencing or have already passed peak car. The idea is that people have been enticed by a lull in oil prices and have therefore bought vehicles when they normally would not have. The problem with that analysis is that it does not consider factors other than oil. First off, people have been buying cars at a higher rate lately for more reasons t

Autonomous Auto Impediments

Autonomous autos will be available much sooner than the average citizen of the world would assume. The most skeptical assumption, from one that is educated on the subject, could be no later than 2020. It is more probable that by 2020, autonomous autos will have already flooded the streets. To be entirely honest, the technology is already available. Google is the company most associated with Auto

BMW Designed a Hydrofoil and Doesn't Know it

During their centenary celebration, BMW released a concept car that is designed for the Bavarian Motor Workers’ idea for the future. The concept was fascinating and an apt example of their prowess in the market. Though, in accordance with a common critique of the brand as of late, they did not take it far enough. First, an explanation. I was referencing a complaint that the ultimate driving

Cadillac is Returning to Business as Usual

Cadillac (in anthropomorphic form) experienced consecutive heart attacks in 1985 and 1986. The company may not have publicized it, but the release of the BMW M5 and the Mercedes AMG ‘Hammer’ (respective to the previously mentioned years) rattled the core of the company named after the discoverer of Detroit. In the years before their release, Cadillac’s revered badge graced the hood of most luxury

Cadillac is as Adept as Always

It is no secret that Cadillac has not been thriving as of late. It is unfortunate, because General Motors (new GM) really turned their tides after the financial collapse. Chevrolet has received repeated praise for their post bankruptcy craftsmanship; and their sales have been proportional to the plaudits. What has not been as thoroughly promulgated, is that Cadillac is and has been building a whol

Automotive Market Flooded in Marketing

With most cars looking just about the same circa 1980, and all automakers looking for corners to acceptably cut for profit. Engineers were relegated to manufacturing monotony; whichever badge has the most allure wins. The aforementioned appeal comes from two things; historical pedigree, effective marketing, or both. In the 1980s businessmen were the new rock stars (and engineers). The corporate