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Blitz-luxe: Rise of Germanic Luxury

In the 1980s automakers were aiming for volume after the formula for a marvelous mass produced autos was leaked. Unfortunately, the Corolla made it look too easy, while making millions (of cars or monies, which ever is more impressive) in the process. This led to quite a few emulators in the early 1980s. Even Luxury manufactures were trying to following suit. Start by making two clay cubes. Cut

Deviating From Form: Cadillac CTS

For the last decade or so, Cadillac has been aspiring to be something that it is not. Instead of making every rider feel as though luxury begins and ends within the confines of that cabin; they have instead successfully made a daily driver sports sedan. To their credit, it seemed like a prudent move, and they made one of the best in its class: The Cadillac CTS-V. Mercedes-Benz came way out of le

Land Rover Defender: Who is Huey?

The Wilks brothers are responsible for the revival of Rover during the 1930s, the two also oversaw the expansion thereof to include Land Rover. The latter did not exist until 1947, when Maurice Wilks noted that the Willys MB he owned could be vastly improved upon. Thus, the head Engineer of Rover set about creating his own interpretation; the original Land Rover (Defender). At the time of inceptio

Lapse in Luxury

In the midst of, droves of carbon copied catastrophes selling like napkins after a pie eating contest (circa 1985), most manufacturers were finding ways to cut costs; to up production. In some cases, even high end brands were receiving the surgical scalpel excess-ectomy treatment. Few decided to go in the other direction, creating a lull in land roving luxury (land rover as in car… though the now

Auto Group Outlier: Volkswagen

Touching back on the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) effect, Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) was an outlier immune to their effects due their business model. VW AG was aware that in order to stay buoyant, they needed to balance their resources by building the base out before building up. Basically, Volkswagen embodied a pyramid. VW AG has Hitler to thank for their success. I know that is an awf

The Crapolla Effect

After a decade, the Corolla Effect and been corrupted into Crapolla affecting the essential essence of automotive inspiration. Automakers were no longer aspiring to create a product to outperform and outlast the competitors, instead they did the opposite. The concocted underhanded schemes (sometimes referred to as prudent business practices); asking themselves: how can we make people buy more Crap

Auto Groups: An M&A Effect

The 1980s were particularly unfortunate for automobile drivers, because against them was a dynamic duo of pure evil. It was not just the Crapolla Effect plaguing them; in the late seventies, KKR made M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) the national pastime. The Detroit three saw this as a perfect time to diversify their portfolio… in only one industry. In the eighties the coolest thing one could do

The Corolla Effect

At some point in the early 1980s, building a car was no longer an art form, instead it was broken down into a simple to follow cookie cutter process. Avoid these pitfalls and yours will be a malleable unremarkable box on profitable wheels. I (just started) call(ing) these two moments in automobile history; the Toyota Corolla (or Crapolla) effect which eventually evolved into the Audi (A4) effect i

FCA Future?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been an unprecedented success considering all the hardship the auto group has had to overcome. Just the fact that the company still exists is an admirable feat in it of itself. Both Fiat and Chrysler were circling the drain not long ago. Sergio Marchionne somehow found a way to save all the companies in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles family, and present them with passa

Tesla Motors Supports #ilooklikeanengineer

Tesla Motors never leaves the headlines. As a startup doing exceedingly well in a particularly startup unfriendly market; the automotive industry; they stumble from crisis to conquest on a biweekly basis. Tesla Motors just got a moderate boost in publicity by supporting the #ilooklikeanengineer movement. The movement started when a young software engineer decided to help her company; OneLogin’s r