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Autonomous Uber Vehicles: A Threat to the Personal Vehicle?

Car makers have recently felt some new pressure and the threat of competition with the announcement that Uber, an extremely valuable start-up company, was in the process of developing autonomous vehicles. This means that, potentially, drivers could use a simple app to order up their own driverless taxi to go anywhere they need to go, as opposed to owning and driving their own car. Uber is in the p

GM Maven Finds Safe Haven on College Campuses

Car-sharing services have exploded in popularity worldwide over the past several years and it’s not hard to understand why. Companies like Uber capitalized on the popularity of smartphone apps to make it easier than ever for users to order their vehicles. The true genius of the car-sharing business model is that it allowed Uber and others to target demographics that aren’t traditional car owners,

Uber and Low Gas Prices

Mobility has regressed a bit, in the sense that we went back to the most gas inefficient modes of transportation; though that has been to the benefit to Uber.  Instead of trains, buses and other sources of mass transit becoming more prevalent and entering new markets; vehicles with less passengers (1 or (two in the case of comparable taxi services)) have reclaimed the road. The increase of ostensi

Uber Teaches People to Share

While ride hailing services have experienced the effects huge disruptor; this pales in comparison to autonomous driving revolution in terms of various applications. However, ride sourcing apps did accomplish two other amazing feats. First, Uber proved that a built-in monopoly (Taxi companies) can be toppled by improving on a product before anything else; but in doing so they introduced an entire o

Uber: People Are Ridiculous

Uber has reached a stratospheric level of fame (or some cases infamy); its popularity has catapulted it into verbification. This is separate from genericized trademarks, it is a step above and beyond. People are such staunch supporters of Uber, that they have not only added the term to the public lexicon ridiculously quickly, but made it into a verb even faster. I assume it was the fastest, only

Sayonara SideCar

When people think about ride sourcing they do not think of SideCar. Most people do not even know what it is. Those people would be surprised to know, that the aforementioned company is directly responsible for the rise of ride hailing services. Sadly, innovation does not beget success in this day and age, persistent glorified panhandling with a pitch does. Uber and Lyft are unicorns (the Forbes’ U

Uber Inappropes

Since its inception, Uber has taken ride sourcing by proverbial storm. It is a commanding force on the Forbes Unicorn list, reaching an over $50 billion dollar evaluation seemingly overnight. The ride sourcing behemoth’s market rivals could not compete with that number if they compounded their value. Lyft is worth a respectable $2 Billion, and Sidecar cannot even manage that (unfortunately, they a

Uber and Taxi: Escalation

A few short years ago, in the days before Uber, Taxis were the only source of private public transportation. All the other options were that of mass transportation, i.e. planes, trains, and automo-... buses. Taxis, actually fell under luxury transportation, like limos and rickshaws. Uber has introduced a whole new medium of transport, one in which both the rider and the rider feel an escalation in

Taxi Versus Uber

Uber took hold of the transportation business, and has shaken it to its roots. More than any of its competitors, it has demonstrated a viable alternative to not owning a car while still keeping the same mobility. Any company that has anything to do with intra-city transportation, now has to consider the option from left field, ride-sharing. None more so than taxis, because of this there has been

SideCar: Cannabis Sharing

Transportation is such an important facet of human existence, and companies like SideCar, Uber, and Lyft are trying to make it easier. Everyone needs to go places now that subsistence farming has become unfeasible. However, travel is not getting any easier, it is still a tedious process. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the resources to own your own car; a traffic jam can crack a Buddhist'