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Technological Advancements in the Auto Industry

May 3, 2018

Technological Advancements in the Auto Industry

In the auto industry, advancements and breakthroughs are a constant occurrence. If you’ve had your current vehicle for five years or more and are considering buying a new car, you’re sure to appreciate the advanced technology in today's vehicles that may not have existed the last time you were in the market for something new. 

Sophisticated safety systems are on this list. Today, many vehicles feature systems that will take over control to prevent a crash. This may include automatic braking or even lane assist. Systems are now using blind spot and lane-monitoring systems along with adaptive cruise control to give you hands and foot free driving. This technology operates by automatically keeping a safe distance between your car and the traffic in front of it. It also keeps the car inside the lanes. This system even monitors the position of your head to make sure that you are awake and watching the road. 

A few modern-day vehicles are able to take the wheel if it appears that you’re about to have an accident. If the system determines that you’re close to hitting another car, object or even a person, then it will apply the brakes and guide the vehicle around the obstacle. 

Extensive luxury features are available from manufacturers like Mercedes. If you purchase an S-Class, then you’ll have access to the car’s Energizing Comfort function. When you activate it, the system will adjust the vehicle’s climate control, ambient lighting and seat temperature based on six programs. 

If your tunes are especially important to you, then you may want to consider a Hyundai or a Kia, as these car manufacturers are offering an advanced audio system called Clari-Fi. This system is designed to restore digital music to its full fidelity. To do so, the system scans an audio file for music details that are lost. It then corrects waveform deficits for clearer, crisper and more dynamic sound. 

Built-in Wi-Fi is becoming more common in vehicles. Some manufacturers are also starting to implement streaming services in vehicles, making road trips more even more enjoyable for backseat passengers. 

Drivers love their Bluetooth, but the technology can be spotty in vehicles. Honda has recently taken steps to do away with problems that involve connecting a smartphone to an automobile. The car company is adding Near Field Communication, or NFC, to its Accord sedans. To pair a phone using NFC, all a driver has to do is tap the device against the vehicle’s stylized “N” logo, which is located on the dashboard.

If you’re a parent, then you may want to purchase a vehicle that features CabinWatch. This technology lets you keep an eye on your kids when they’re riding in the backseat with use of an embedded camera combined with a video display on the dashboard. This feature lets you make sure that your little ones are traveling safely and that your bigger ones aren’t fighting. 

Technological advancements not only make vehicles safer to drive, but they also make doing so more pleasurable. Be sure to consider the latest technology when making your next vehicle purchase. 

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