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What Goes Into the Car Safety Rating?

November 15, 2016

What Goes Into the Car Safety Rating?

If you have taken a look at your car's safety rating, you might be wondering how the classification is determined in the first place. Car safety ratings exist to provide customers with an idea of what to expect from their vehicles. A good rating is paramount in reinforcing the safety of you and your passengers, but what goes into the car safety rating?

Frontal Crash Rating

Perhaps the most important part of the rating is the frontal crash rating. This is one of the most common types of crashes that occur on the road. Most safety groups perform these crash tests through a number of different scenarios, and the most thorough testing with the best results make the most reliable crash test ratings.

Side Crash Rating

Just like in the event of a front crash, testing the vehicle in the event of a side crash is critical as well. The side crash test rating is based on similar criteria based on the the responsiveness of the airbags and the resistance of the material itself. Side impacts are frequent in road collisions as well, and manufacturers cannot let their guard down during the inspection process.

Total Roof Strength

Though the likelihood of a vehicle rolling over is low, the presence of a strong roof is still vital in making sure that those inside the car are not harmed during an otherwise dangerous event. The roof is stress tested to make sure that it is powerful, providing those inside the car with vital protection from all types of possible problems.

Swerve Testing

Called the "moose test" by Canadians, this is a very important part of the safety rating process. It tests how well the vehicle is able to swerve at normal and high speeds in the event of a sudden object appearing on the road, such as a moose. Because most drivers will instinctively swerve in order to avoid the collision, this test is critical in making sure that the vehicle maintains traction on the road.

Interior Testing

Interior testing is paramount to making sure that the inside of the car is as safe as the outside. If seats come apart or some other problem occurs inside the car, the driver and their passengers could be in danger. Testing the interior proves that the systems in place to prevent further injury can ensure the safety of those within.

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