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The Top 4 Trucks of 2017

Arguably, the truck is the most American car you can think of. Sturdy, durable, long lasting, and a great vehicle to use for long distance road trips, moving, or if you just want to go hunting one weekend. The truck has had staying power in the American car market for years because of how versatile it is. Here are some of our favorite trucks from 2017. 2017 Ford F-150 MSRP: $27,110 - $63,625 When

Hyundai’s Ambitious Plans to Release 8 New Crossovers by 2020

Hyundai is looking to expand the number of models they offer by expanding their line of crossovers. In an announcement made by the company, Hyundai says that they want to introduce or redesign eight crossover utility vehicles (CUV) by the year 2020. The first vehicle to lead the way will be the Hyundai Kona that will hit dealership floors in March of 2018. Hyundai’s current lineup mostly con

Ford Discontinues C-Max in US Market

After six years of being sold in the US market, Ford will discontinue the C-Max. This should come as no surprise considering the fact that the C-Max was one of the worst selling Ford models in America, and sales for the vehicle are reported to have dropped over 18% in the last year. The C-Max enjoyed a peak in sales in 2013, but they were never able to go back to that level. One reason why the C-M

Aston Martin Retools Vantage for Younger Buyers

When the Vantage was first launched in 2005, the average age of Vantage buyers was approximately 50 years old. Recently, Aston Martin revealed a redesigned Vantage that they hope will attract slightly younger buyers. This shift in targeting is due to the steady increase in younger customers purchasing their vehicles. Compared to previous models, the new Vantage looks more like a sports car than a

BMW Expands Electric Line with iX Models

BMW is planning to benefit from the electric vehicle race in a rather big way. The German automaker is currently throwing around plans to expand their electric offerings by creating high-end cars and crossovers/SUVs under their i-badge platform. Speculation about BMW expanding their electric line came about when it was discovered that the automaker secured naming rights for the names i1 up to i9,

Toyota & Mazda To Build New Factory In US

The plant is expected to cost $1.6 billion with Toyota and Mazda sharing the cost of the new plant, and is estimated to bring 4,000 jobs to the lucky city that is chosen for the plant’s location. Along with building a joint factory, Toyota and Mazda will also work on electric vehicle technologies and connected-car solutions, as well as improving vehicle infotainment systems. This new factory

Nissan To Test Robotaxis in Japan

Nissan’s latest plan seems to be something straight out of a sci-fi novel. The Japanese automaker has announced that they want to test an autonomous ride-hailing service on public roads in Japan during March of 2018. The service will be called Easy Ride and is expected to be fully operational by 2022. Nissan will test out the service by outfitting their electric model known as the Leaf with

Mazda Planning New SUV to Jumpstart US Growth

Four years ago, Mazda’s CEO, Masamichi Kogai, predicted that Mazda sales in the US would reach 400,000 units by 2017. However, things have not gone as planned. For two years in a row, the Japanese car brand has not been able to breach 300,000 units and their market share has been shying away from their goal of 2%. Kogai is predicting that Mazda will have a resurgence in the American market s

Ford Plans on Launching Electric Vehicles in China

Ford Motor Company has plans to launch fifteen electric vehicles in China. The Chinese market has grown substantially in regard to electric vehicles, with sales reaching 507,000 units in 2016. Ford has become one of the first major American car brands to test out the Chinese market in the electric vehicle sector. They believe that sales of electric vehicles in China will reach six million by the y

GM Allows Drivers to Make Purchases from Their Car

Imagine you’re driving and all of a sudden you start craving some buffalo wings, or maybe a cup of coffee. GM owners will now be able to make use of a handy new feature that allows them to make remote purchases, while they’re driving, through the Marketplace app. On GM infotainment screens, drivers will be able to use their cars to purchase all kinds of goods and services; they can res