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Tesla Unveils First Electric Semi Truck

Model X, Model S, Model 3, and now The Semi? You read that right. Tesla started out revolutionizing sedans and SUVs. Now they are setting out to revolutionize commercial vehicles. Here are some details on the new Tesla Semi. The Semi has already attracted the attention of delivery and logistics companies, even though the truck was officially unveiled only two weeks ago. DHL has placed an order for

Five Automotive Trends to Look Out For

Technology changes pretty quickly these days, and the technological changes happening today impact the automotive world as well. Here are the top five innovations to be on the look out for in the next couple of years. Autonomous Cars The technology is there, it just needs to be fully implemented. More and more car companies are investing in the development of their own line of autonomous cars, a

Porsche’s All Electric Car

At the end of 2019, Porsche plans on releasing their all electric car known as the Mission E. The car will retail for about $80,000 to $85,000 in the US. The car is Porsche’s first fully electric vehicle. The concept for the car was revealed in 2015 but during this year, the car finally entered the last stages of development. The public prototype tests are expected to commence soon. Porsche

Tokyo Motor Show Highlights

This past week, all the big names in the Japanese auto scene got a chance to showcase what they have been working on in the past year at the Tokyo Motor Show. Here are five cars that captured our attention and imagination. Toyota Toyota unleashed a hybrid concept to attendees at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a concept sports car known as the GR HV Sports. The car’s aesthetic is based on their

Details on the 2018 BMW X2

BMW introduced the X1 to drivers in 2009. The X1 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV that combines small size with luxury and awesome SUV power. BMW wanted to show the world that a small car can pack a lot of punch. Following the success of the X1, BMW has now announced the X2. The X2 is smaller than the X1 and a whole lot sportier. The X2’s wheelbase is 3.2 inches shorter and 2.8 inches lo

Touchscreen Dashboards – Should it Stay or Go?

Car companies have continuously taken huge initiatives to make the driving experience more comfortable and high tech. One of the new technologies many carmakers are employing are touch screens dashboards. It’s like having a tablet right in your car. From the dashboard, you can touch the screen and have control over your car’s settings and entertainment system. This sounds really awesom

Range Rover Goes Hybrid: Some Details on the New Model

One of the most unlikely cars to go hybrid is going hybrid. Starting in 2018, the Range Rover is going to be a hybrid plug-in. The car will still be sturdy and will still have the off-road capabilities that it is known for. Range Rover being a hybrid plug-in means that the car can be powered by electricity or by gas. The Range Rover will operate in two modes, the gasoline mode and the electricity

Tesla’s Biggest Competitors

Tesla has made great strides in opening up the demand for the electric car. They managed to make electric cars cool and desirable. Long gone are the days when electric cars were boxy, slow, and barely functioning during a 30-minute drive. Tesla has managed to make the electric car sturdy, big, long lasting, and fashionable. However, Tesla is not going to be the leader in this niche market for long

Audi’s Plan to Go Electric

Audi has announced an ambitious goal of releasing 15 to 20 electric models by the year 2025. By the year 2030, they want every model in their fleet to be electric. Audi is the latest car brand to join in on the electric revolution. As European countries plan to phase out and ban the sale of gasoline, the demand for electric cars will increase and car companies will need to prove that they can keep

Benefits of Showcasing at an Auto Show

Auto shows are what you make of it. They can be a fun way to interact with potential customers and business partners, or they can be a lot of work that leaves you feeling tired and exhausted at the end of it. If you currently hold negative feelings about auto shows, keep reading to find out the top three benefits of showcasing at an auto show and how it can help your business. Direct Sales Opportu