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The Bugatti Chiron's Record Breaking Speed

Think supercars can’t become anymore impressive? Well, the Bugatti Chiron is here to set the record straight—And break a few in the process. There’s no denying that Bugatti is an industry leader in the world of supercars. If you’re looking for stellar performance, Bugattis tend to offer that and then some. Sure, these cars might not be the most affordable on the market. But

Coolest Cars From the Movies That You Could Buy Today

Think about it. What is it that makes movies so fun and enjoyable? Well, we have engaging storylines, intriguing characters, and a plot capable of grabbing our interest. But there’s always something else that can always grab our attention… A cool car. That’s right, what’s a lead character without a cool car? In fact, the vehicles are part of what draws any gearhead to the

Is the 2018 Range Rover Still the Ultimate SUV?

Think about the ultimate SUV experience. By this, we’re referring to a car that offers a comfortable interior, along with all of the modern tech for someone living in 2018. Let’s also not forget about those specs under the hood. While being pampered in the front seat, you’ll also want a car that can “get up and go,” right? By this point, you might be wondering if such

The Nissan Nismo Leaf: an Electric Sports Hatchback

Let’s be honest. When it comes to electric vehicles, a sports hatchback is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. An affordable sports EV sounds even more far-fetched. But Nissan aims to accomplish just that with its latest concept. Last month at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese automaker surprised us all with its Nissan Leaf Nismo concept. If you’re a fan of fast Japanese

The Best Mini SUVs of 2017

Who wouldn’t want to drive an SUV? These vehicles combine everything great about cars in one stellar package. In fact, SUVs seem to have found that magic combination of the right amount of performance, comfort, luxury, and fun. Sadly, there’s usually one small problem—their price. SUVs can become quite pricey for the typical buyer, but this is the part where mini SUVs become an o

How Amazon Echo Will Change the Way You Drive

Quick challenge! What are some of the best affordable technologies to emerge in the last five years? Don’t strain too hard here. Just think about this question for only a few more seconds. Did the Amazon Echo make your list? Known by many simply as “Alexa,” this clever device changed the way we work our homes. Everything from dimming lights to cheesy little tech jokes and fun fac

Best Affordable Luxury Cars on The Market

Be honest—who wouldn’t want to own a luxury vehicle? With plenty of comfort and cool high-tech features, these cars certainly create an enjoyable drive. But one obstacle blocks the path between the typical consumer and a drive of luxury—the price. From 2015, the average luxury vehicle cost $55,751. For many, that’s a year’s paycheck. Thankfully, a comfortable drive do

Luxury Features We Didn't Know We Wanted

Think about the ideal car. What are some features that come to mind? For many, it's those explosive 0-60 mph times. But for others, it’s not so much about the sporty performance of the car. Instead, some of us care a bit more about the features inside the car. It’s this logic that prompts many of us to buy luxury vehicles—for the comfort and cool features to show off to our frien

What Other Hatchbacks Can Learn From the Honda Civic Type R

The time has finally come! The Honda Civic Type R made its way onto US soil. American fans of Japanese sports cars waited an entire two decades for this moment to arrive, and frankly, the wait was worthwhile. Currently, the Honda Civic Type R offers some of the best performance drivers can find from a hatchback. In fact, some of Civic Type R’s features offer such a great experience that we&r

The New GPS System: What3Words

GPS systems are arguably one of the best pieces of technology in recent times. But let’s face it, these devices can be nothing short of annoying at times. How often has the following happened to you? You’re rushing to meet a friend at some location—your GPS declares its classic “you have arrived.” Yet, as you look around, you realize you’re at least a full block