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The Best Sports Cars You Can Buy on a Budget

When it comes to sports cars, what first enters your mind? Most likely, you just thought of a few supercars that cost well over $100,000, if not reaching seven digits. But have you ever thought about cheaper sports cars? In truth, you can buy a sports car without worrying about mortgaging your home two or three times to afford it. So, going off that idea, we compiled a list of the best sports cars

Self Driving Cars - Are Fears Justified?

If automotive news teaches us anything, it’s that the world of cars is constantly evolving and innovating. For example, compare the cars of the 1920s to today’s vehicles. Everything from safety features to performance technology seems like a massive upgrade. This leads us to the automotive world’s future. Specifically, we’re talking about the autonomous car. Self-driving ve

The Safety Features We Didn't Know We Wanted

Let’s admit it. When looking at car specs, safety features are usually not at the top of our minds. Yes, high safety ratings add to the appeal; but these features tend to lack the same flash as horsepower, 0-60 mph times, and the latest infotainment systems. This mindset might seem a bit backward when considering safety options keep cars and drivers safe. But thankfully, safety features have