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Peek at the 2018 BMW M5

For as long as I can remember, the BMW M5 has been the gold standard for sports sedans. They mix together a family friendly car with family frightening engineering. Needless to say, if you own one I would not suggest infusing the car with M-Power with a wife (or husband if she is the family driver) or kids in the car. It seems a few lucky souls at Nürburgring got a chance to peek at the upcom

Hyundai Motor Company: Making Moves All Over

General Motors just received some unwelcome news, because Hyundai Motor Company just became the official sponsor of the NFL.  A vague source claims the car manufacturer spent twice as much as GM did for the coveted position, $50 million. Even if it is less, the, NFL is getting a great deal here, regardless. Not only could they get more money upfront, but the contract is not exclusive like GM’s wa

Ford Motor Company: Innovating and Renovating

Ford Motor Company has been sporadically trending on Google for a few days now. It seems every other time I check back on the Business or Technology tabs on Google News it is there. Every time I delve in there is a surprise, because the news is equally sporadic from positive to potentially negative. Ford Motor Company is renovating one side of their fence while innovating on the other side. The f

Alfa Romeo to Reinvigorate FCA

It is no secret that Sergio Marchionne is using Alfa Romeo to court bigger automakers for a chance at a merger. I even get where he is coming from, if established companies join forces, each of them benefit from the other’s expertise. However, in this case I highly doubt it is Mary T. Barra’s personality Marchionne is going for… I know a gold digger when I see one. It is common knowledge that FCA

See This BMW X6 Hulk Out Before Your Eyes

The Hulk is well known for his sudden transformations when he gets hot under the collar. Not to be outdone, German graffiti artist Rene Turrek created a special paint job for the BMW X6 that will make auto fans green with envy. Turrek’s BMW X6 project was a two-step process. First, he gave the BMW sport utility coupe a base layer of Hulk green paint. Next, he applied a second, heat-sensitive laye

Toyota: Dramatic News

Toyota is the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. They have earned this title by becoming synonymous with quality for a small quantity of cash. When Toyota came to the US in 1957 their sales were not astronomical. They started sales in 1958, they only had two carsforsale, the Toyopet and the soon to be legendary Land Cruiser. That year only 288 cars left the dealerships, only one of which w

Takata Corporation: No Trial?

The Takata Corporation is finally being held accountable. Over a hundred injuries and at least 8 deaths spanning the course of 11 years, are all linked to their airbags. 4 years passed before a recall was even considered. But now, after years of recalls with no remedy, Takata Corporation just now testified under oath (not a trial) in front of the a Senate Committee in Washington D.C. Normally, I a

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Back From the Brink

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is fighting to get another partner. General Motors is running out of ways to say no, and everyone else has stayed firm with their initial no. Maybe Sergio Marchionne should accept defeat in that battle, and keep chipping the rust off of his company. Maserati came back from obscurity clocking a ludicrous 174 percent increase in yearly sales while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Remote-Controlled Land Rovers? There’s an App for That

We live in a brave new world of autonomous automobiles equipped with remote parking and self-driving capabilities. So it only seems natural that an automaker would manufacture a remote-controlled Land Rover that can be operated via an iPhone app. The UK-based automaker Jaguar Land Rover is testing its smartphone app that allows drivers to autonomously control their SUV without actually being insi

Future Fuel: CNG

For years now, CNG (compressed natural gas) has been used to fuel millions cars. As of 2012 over 15 million were used globally. That number is not astronomical, but still impressive. There is one natural gas vehicle for every 450 people on the planet. That is impressive when considering the daunting competition: gasoline. Nonetheless, of the billion cars roaming the roads, 1 in every 66 is using o