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Google Cars Are too Cautious to Be Safe

One day Google (or Alphabet (or a combination of both)) will take over the world. For now our goals are in line with our online overlords; we all want internet, they want more people on the web (regardless of whether we use their search engine or not). Now Google wants to search the infrastructure webs in their super safe autonomous autos. There is only one problem, the cars are too cautious, so m

Artists Google Doodle on Self-Driving Cars

If you’re like me, one of the first things you look forward to seeing when you log onto your computer is the Google Doodle for that day. Google Doodles are used to commemorate holidays, notable events and famous people—and now, local artists are using them to celebrate their communities as part of Google’s Paint the Town contest for its Self-Driving Car Project. As it is headquartered in Mountain

Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Go the Extra Mile for Safety

Millions of Americans celebrated Halloween this past weekend, and thankfully the grand majority of them made it home safely. Unfortunately, however, some did not. And contrary to popular perception, the real danger didn’t come from tainted candy but rather from auto safety accidents. In fact, there were 115 pedestrian fatalities of children ages 18 and under on Halloween between 1990 and 2010, mak

A KITT in Every Garage: The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

“I’ve called science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule.’" -Syd Mead, sci-fi visual-effects artist Last week, the Japanese periodical Nikkei reported on Toyota’s plans to slash 90% of its line of CO2 emitting vehicles by 2050. While 35 years may seem like a long time from now, it represents a light-year jump in progress relative to the glacial pace of the automotive industry. For those who want t

Google Self-Driving Cars Move Forward with Krafcik as CEO

John Krafcik will be taking his talents to Mountain View, the site of Google’s Northern California headquarters. Krafcik (pictured), a highly accomplished auto executive, will serve as CEO of Google’s self-driving cars project starting in late September. In his new role, Krafcik will be responsible for steering the Google Self-Driving Car Project—otherwise known as Project Titan—towards its goal

Bicyclist Thwarts Google’s Self-Driving Car

After having crossed the 1.1 million mile threshold, Google’s self-driving car project has gained significant traction. We told you a few months ago about the company’s latest move, which was to conduct road tests in Austin, TX. This is significant because it offers Google the opportunity to test their vehicles in real-life conditions and to work out any kinks with the self-driving technology. Sou

Daimler May Team with Apple, Google on Self-Driving Vehicles

Could Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, collaborate someday with Apple and Google to create self-driving vehicles? “Many things are conceivable,” said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche (see above photo) in an interview with Deutsche Unternehmerboerse. Granted, that is pretty noncommittal as far as answers go. Equally ambiguous is Zetsche’s remark, as reported by Reuters, that the company

Google Tests Self-Driving Vehicles in Austin, TX

In mid-May, we informed you that Google would be test-driving its self-driving vehicles on American roads this summer. Now that moment is now finally at hand—and what better place is there to test those vehicles than in the Lone Star State? Google officially announced on Tuesday that Austin, TX is the first U.S. city to see self-driving vehicles on its roads. Up until now, Google had only tested

Driving Is Safer Without a Driver

The race for an Autonomous Auto (Electric Chauffeur Showdown) is picking up steam as target dates get closer and closer. Everyone in the showdown, says that their unveiling will be no later than 2020. The scary part is, self driving-cars are extremely safe, so much so that a future without human drivers is not too far-fetched. Granted, people as a whole do not exactly have a sparkling safety reco

Android Auto: Patenting the Future

A user friendly in-car infotainment system has been a long time coming. Android, Microsoft and Apple have made it easy, but all of the initial attempts by car makers have been thoroughly underwhelming; awkward interfaces and touchy touch screens add up to a big distraction in a 2 ton death machine. Infotainment systems are easily the most consistently flawed aspect of the modern automobile. But th