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Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Go on the Road

Nearly five years after it was first announced, The Googleself-driving car project is finally a go. The company is ready to road test their line of prototype vehicles starting this summer. Google’s fleet of robot cars are set to hit the roads near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. As a precaution, safety drivers will be aboard the vehicles, whose speeds will be capped at

Google Maps Updates Itself for the Benefit of Android Users

How did people ever get around without Google Maps? Even though it hasn’t been around for long, it’s hard for most motorists to imagine doing without it. And while Google Maps seems perfect as it is, Google apparently feels that there’s room for improvement. As reported by Android Police, Google is updating its über-popular Google Maps app for Android smartphones. The latest version, Google Maps

Play Pac-Man on Your Local Streets Thanks to Google Maps

Is it an April Fools’ Day trick or a sweet gaming treat? Google must employ a few fans of classic arcade games, which would explain why you can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps. The game play is fiendishly simple: once you’re on Google Maps, find your area of the country and then click on the Pac-Man icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. From there, your streets will be littered with yello