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Volkswagen: Dubious Diesel Damage

Despite diesel related damages to the brand, Volkswagen as an auto group is doing remarkably well. In fact, not only has the automaker returned profitability, in April (of 2016 (mid-scandal)) Volkswagen sold more cars than any other automaker. Emissions have not taken a more notable a toll in sales, because that they are physically invisible. Diesel lost consumer confidence in the late 70s and ea

Volkswagen Is Doing Better Than Expected

Volkswagen expected their sales to take a massive plunge this month; compared to last year (Year over Year (YoY)). However, they surpassed their expectations and did far better than they anticipated. Volkswagen expected to drop 14.5 points compared to last May. They actually beat their projections by over 3 points. Granted…  that is still quite a dip, but considering the scale of their scandal; t

Sales Rise of the Lesser Knowns

While most have been focusing on all of the deficits, what is most impressive to me are the automakers that have surpassed their own sales projections. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) Volvo Car Group, Hyundai and Kia have all gotten more sales than even they expected. It should be mentioned, that recalls have been a ubiquitous presence in the automotive industry sin

Volkswagen Beetle: Car-Magnon

It is awful to articulate, but the prototypical Volkswagen model: the Beetle (both because it was first and because it is the ideal vision for the company), is Hitler’s only acceptable enterprise. Despite rampant state corruption, the end result of the Volkswagen project was an automotive checkpoint, that laid ground for future automobiles. It was Hitler, that listed the stipulations that eventual

Tesla Is Special

While Tesla Motors is universally praised for making what some consider to be the greatest car ever; not every aspect of the company garners such admiration. Namely, Tesla’s ability to push volume. Thus far, Tesla has never been able to actually build even 30,000 cars in a single year, which is what they sold last year. Graciously, last year, the company saw almost a 50 percent boost in prod

Do not Worry About May Auto Sales

The Automotive sales are entangled with many different industries. Without the assistance from banks, mass marketing firms and the government; the automotive sales would be in real trouble; not the hyperreactive state they are in. For example, there is a moderate amount of anxiety surrounding the fact that sales for all the major auto groups experienced a drop in sales. Sadly, much of the unease

NHTSA: Just Calm Down

Because National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the media have not only covered, but unwittingly exaggerated the effects of negligence in the automotive market. Everyday drivers have become increasingly aware of the lingering dangers of driving. Before I continue, some explanation is necessary. In years past, the NHTSA had become famous for accepting donations from American auto

Mixed Perspectives on Automotive Market Sales

Many working in and around the automotive market are a tad apprehensive at the moment. There are quite a few factors that are driving this overall sense of impending doom. It is true, the automotive market is waning, but it is no reason to panic. While it is the drop in sales that is at the core of this issue, but the source of strife is much less centralized. The automotive market has quite a bi

Ford and Friends: Specifically General Motors

Building a car is an exceedingly and increasingly expensive endeavor, companies like Ford Motor Company and General Motors can spend a billion dollars just designing one car. Building a car is so expensive the bitter rivals Ford Motor Company and GM, chose to work together to build a transmission. A few decades ago that was not the case. It was not only The Big (or Detroit) Three (Ford, General M

Automotive Market: The Amusement Park

Any movement in the automotive market, excites large groups of similar minded people, Therefore it stands to reason, any issue it faces is exacerbated. As soon as anything appears awry, all of these separate entities, start trying to criticize and/or capitalize on the automotive market. To better understand, picture the automotive market like an amusement park filled exclusively with roller coast