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Oil Companies and Peak Car

For a while now, people have believed that we are experiencing or have already passed peak car. The idea is that people have been enticed by a lull in oil prices and have therefore bought vehicles when they normally would not have. The problem with that analysis is that it does not consider factors other than oil. First off, people have been buying cars at a higher rate lately for more reasons t

Autonomous Auto Impediments

Autonomous autos will be available much sooner than the average citizen of the world would assume. The most skeptical assumption, from one that is educated on the subject, could be no later than 2020. It is more probable that by 2020, autonomous autos will have already flooded the streets. To be entirely honest, the technology is already available. Google is the company most associated with Auto

The Honda NSX Is Already Outdated

The Honda NSX has been a crowd favorite since genesis. Its intention was undeniably attractive; achieving said objective was inspiring. At the time, Acura’s first sports/super car was unique in that the mastered motoring motive was daily driveability. In the early 90s, supercars were notoriously unreliable. Now, the whole notion of a dependable supercar being a selling point is outdated, the engin

Sports Injected Honda Civic?

For many years now the words Civic Si have inspired awe. Not because the car is super fancy or ridiculously fast, but because it was usually indicative of a smart gear head. It was considered to be a sports car, injected with more livability than even the base Honda Civic, which by the way is a fantastic car. Allow me to reiterate, objectively speaking, the Si is a spectacular car. To find anythi

Mazda Miata: Is it a Sports Car?

The Mazda Miata has been around for years. It is small, accurate two-seater, with a proven sales record. In fact, it is the highest selling ‘sports car’ in history, selling over 900,000 units. Do not get me wrong, it is a great little car. A light little convertible with rear wheel drive, and barely enough power to get the back-end out. That (in theory), is all a sports car needs. However, I propo

Android Auto: Patenting the Future

A user friendly in-car infotainment system has been a long time coming. Android, Microsoft and Apple have made it easy, but all of the initial attempts by car makers have been thoroughly underwhelming; awkward interfaces and touchy touch screens add up to a big distraction in a 2 ton death machine. Infotainment systems are easily the most consistently flawed aspect of the modern automobile. But th

Takata Corporation Troubles Continue

Takata Corporation is a company contracted by many car manufacturers to provide safety features for their cars. Their creed is to live in “a society with zero fatalities from traffic accidents.” To their credit they have made some great strides in the right direction to achieve that goal. Takata Corporation has a hand in every safety feature in modern cars; from airbags to seat belts and steering

A GPS System for the Honda Accord? That’s So 80s

We tend to think that today’s cars as more technologically advanced than those from previous generations. But as our friends from Jalopnik remind us, some models were simply ahead of their time. For instance, did you know that Honda was the first automaker to develop GPS technology way back in the early 1980s? Back then, they referred to it as the Electro Gyrocator and was exclusive to Honda Acco