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Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

With so much electric vehicle technology slowly becoming readily available all over the world, it is not surprising that so many countries are starting to open up to the idea of electric vehicles overtaking gas-powered ones on the roads. Americans, in particular, are embracing the idea of electric cars more and more as the technology continues to improve, but new vehicle data shows that an increas

Volkswagen Group Expected to Sell Assets and Halt Expansion

Stemming from the emissions cheating scandal, the Volkswagen Group is expected to sell off some of their assets after a careful review of their portfolio. It has been reported that CEO Matthias Mueller is going over the current strategies of the company and considering stepping away from growth, a move into car-sharing ventures, as well as a greater focus on the development of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen: Dubious Diesel Damage

Despite diesel related damages to the brand, Volkswagen as an auto group is doing remarkably well. In fact, not only has the automaker returned profitability, in April (of 2016 (mid-scandal)) Volkswagen sold more cars than any other automaker. Emissions have not taken a more notable a toll in sales, because that they are physically invisible. Diesel lost consumer confidence in the late 70s and ea

Volkswagen Is Doing Better Than Expected

Volkswagen expected their sales to take a massive plunge this month; compared to last year (Year over Year (YoY)). However, they surpassed their expectations and did far better than they anticipated. Volkswagen expected to drop 14.5 points compared to last May. They actually beat their projections by over 3 points. Granted…  that is still quite a dip, but considering the scale of their scandal; t

Volkswagen: Porsche Puppet

I am a fan of the brands that make up the Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) family, though the titular automaker is flailing between two contrasting philosophies (which I’ll disseminate in a elsewhere). Ruthlessness has been both of a bane and a blessing for the monster that Volkswagen AG. Thanks to a series of remarkably barbarous CEOs and/or indirect founders, the Wolfsburg based automaker has

Volkswagen Beetle: Car-Magnon

It is awful to articulate, but the prototypical Volkswagen model: the Beetle (both because it was first and because it is the ideal vision for the company), is Hitler’s only acceptable enterprise. Despite rampant state corruption, the end result of the Volkswagen project was an automotive checkpoint, that laid ground for future automobiles. It was Hitler, that listed the stipulations that eventual

How Volkswagen Changed Everything

Before the Volkswagen scandal, people could really care less about any recalls. There were dozens of recalls that preceded the diesel scandal that were a blip on the American radar at best. That all changed when Volkswagen admitted wrongdoing to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and everyone else in the world. After the company acknowledged the charges, they lost a quarter of their stock

Suing Volkswagen

Too often I find myself utterly shocked at how fickle people are. After Volkswagen was caught polluting at a horrifying rate, people grew outraged. The company immediately apologized, fired their CEO, and paid their customers a modest fee. Six months later, people are still brandishing pitchforks against the Volkswagen, and it seems that people have forgot all about the time that General Motors

How the Government Could Have Stopped Volkswagen

Volkswagen is being sued by various governmental agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have open cases against Volkswagen. Sadly, that is more indicative of an underlying systemic problem than anything else. Let us ponder the intention behind instituting these governmental agencies. The EPA was created to protec

The FTC's Silly Volkswagen Lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has decided to hop on the ban-wagen (that word play is awful, but you get the point) and ride it down the money trail. They are just the latest entry into team sue Volkswagen. Joining quite a few people, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Justice (DOJ), the German Government, and any other soul that thinks that they can make some money off