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A KITT in Every Garage: The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

“I’ve called science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule.’" -Syd Mead, sci-fi visual-effects artist Last week, the Japanese periodical Nikkei reported on Toyota’s plans to slash 90% of its line of CO2 emitting vehicles by 2050. While 35 years may seem like a long time from now, it represents a light-year jump in progress relative to the glacial pace of the automotive industry. For those who want t

Porsche on a Mission E to Beat Tesla

When you’re top gun, everyone’s gonna come gunning for you. Every automaker from Mercedes to Audi—and even tech companies like Apple—claims to have an electric battery-powered luxury vehicle in development that can unseat the Tesla Model S for market supremacy. The latest challenger to the Tesla throne is Porsche, who appears to making good on CEO Matthias Mueller’s promise to produce a purely ele

Tesla Model X: Finally on Track

This is the moment wealthy soccer moms have been waiting for; at last, Tesla Motors has started taking customization orders for the Tesla Model X. For a while, it had gotten to point where the electric auto company’s prestige for its technical prowess, had been surpassed by its notoriety for delays. I cannot think of any delivery Elon Musk has made on its original projected date... post PayPal.

Tesla Model S P85D Keeps It (Better Than) 100

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has plenty to be pleased about this week. Yesterday it was revealed that Tesla beat its own record for range with a remarkable 452.8 miles on a single electric charge. Apparently, however, the upstart EV automaker wasn’t satisfied with beating just one world record—they had to go and do it again by scoring 103 points out of a possible 100 in the Consumer Reports Ratings

Tesla Motors Beat its Own Record

I frequently start articles this way, but it is hard not to when talking about Tesla Motors, they are just always in the news for something or other. Usually it is stock speculation; is it still a sound investment, or oh look at that, the company did something else praise (or at least buzz worthy). This falls under the latter category. Tesla Motors has set (or beat) 3 world records this year; all

Tesla Motors Supports #ilooklikeanengineer

Tesla Motors never leaves the headlines. As a startup doing exceedingly well in a particularly startup unfriendly market; the automotive industry; they stumble from crisis to conquest on a biweekly basis. Tesla Motors just got a moderate boost in publicity by supporting the #ilooklikeanengineer movement. The movement started when a young software engineer decided to help her company; OneLogin’s r

Audi vs. Tesla Pt. 2: Rise of the Audi Q6

The impact of Tesla Motors on the automotive industry cannot be overstated. In its short existence, the little electric vehicle maker that could has changed the game by inspiring other auto companies to manufacture EVs of their own. One of Tesla’s more notable competitors in the electric vehicle field is Audi. As we noted in Part 1 of this series, Audi and Tesla are engaged in an electric battery

Audi vs. Tesla: The Electric Battery Wars

There will probably come a day in the not-too-distant future where we’ll view combustion engine powered vehicles as archaic a mode of transportation as the car that the Flintstones used to tool around in. (Talk about your faulty braking systems!) For now, C02-belching cars dominate the American auto industry due to people’s strong attachment to them, along with a dearth of viable alternatives. Bu

Will Tesla Motors Deliver?

Tesla Motors has a habit of promising amazing things in elaborate events… then never mentioning them again until eons after the declared date or when called on it. To be honest, most of that can be traced to their enigmatic leader, Elon Musk. The man is a genius and a promotional wizard, but I am not sure he realizes time is linear. All of his pledges will eventually be proven true, but like an

Tesla Motors Scares Investors

Tesla Motors is the most talked about company in the automotive industry. They dominate business and technology on google news because they are always up to something. Be it giving their investors something to be scared of, or impressing the nation with their creative new technology Tesla Motors is never far from popular consciousness. Lately critics and consumers have refreshing news sources wa