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Tesla Model S Updates Auto Industry

By now, the Tesla Model S is on everyone’s radar. Hate it or love it, everyone knows about it. The competitors are trying to emulate and abrogate its sales, the average auto buyers are craving and saving to afford it, and petrol companies recoil in disgust and mistrust, hoping it rusts and combusts. But bias aside, the Tesla Model S updated the auto industry into the 21st century. I have driven m

Tesla Patches Hole in Model S Vehicle Security

Hackers exploiting security loopholes in vehicle technology seems to be a prevailing trend in the auto industry. The latest such vehicle security scandal has touched Tesla Motors, whose Model S engine was turned off by enterprising researchers whose results were published by Wired. To be fair, Tesla was able to address their vehicle hacking issues in a more expeditious manner than did Fiat Chrysl

Tesla Model S: More Updates Pending

I loved the idea of the Tesla Model S before it even came out, I could even live with the fact that it would never come with a standard transmission (I find them fun). I was not even skeptical, knowing a thing or two about Elon Musk beforehand led me to take his word. Then the car actually came out and it was just as good as it was supposed to be. Now Tesla is officially offering hardware upgrade

The Tesla Model S Is now Ludicrous

The Tesla Model S has been a topic of great discussion since even before it was built. Elon Musk started making fantastic promises after making their roadster. The roadster did not break any sales records, but it did make enough to bankroll some of its younger brother’s R&D costs. The Tesla Model S was thought to be an insane lark before release, but after ludicrous sales proved it was no fluk

Concerns for Tesla Motors' Future

After the launch of the Model S, Elon Musk has taken his time before releasing the second model for a new post roadster Tesla. As soon as it was announced, some people started speculating; saying that he was going to cannibalize his own business. They claimed, a new model will only deter potential buyers of the S over to the III/X side, and the minimum of millions that has to be spent researching

Tesla Motors Model S Might Be the Best Car Ever

A few years ago, if you told me that a relatively unknown automaker; Tesla Motors; that historically, has only offered one very niche car, was going to be Car of the Year, I would have bet money that it wouldn’t. Honestly, I never bet, but in that scenario, I would have said to myself, take this chump for all he’s (or she’s) worth. Thankfully that opportunity did not ever present itself, because I

Tesla Announces Tentative Release Date for Model 3

Tesla CEO/super-genius Elon Musk is obviously obsessed with sex. We’ll explain what we mean in just a minute—first, here’s the latest on the Tesla Model 3. March 2016 is the slated date for the reveal of the Model 3 prototype, a fact that Tesla recently confirmed on Twitter. A fully realized version of the vehicle will be released sometime in 2017. Musk revealed the launch date for the eagerly a