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Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

April 25, 2017

Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

Developments for self-driving cars have been making tremendous breakthroughs on a regular technological and consumer-interest basis. Many major manufacturers are focusing on establishing powerful software and hardware systems that can provide drivers with the safety they need in all driving situations. Some renowned brands have dedicated themselves to such developments from the start, while others are beginning to catch up, seeing the tremendous potential in such a promising market. Other companies yet are beginning to turn their sights towards automotive interests from entirely different industries. Apple is one such brand, and the professionals behind the household name have set their sights on developing reliable software for self-driving vehicles.

Though Apple had previously discussed plans to develop its own branded vehicle, the company has since shifted attention to focus on self-driving technologies. Approximately a week after the brand had obtained an official permit to begin testing autonomous vehicles in California, reporters were able to take a look at the public records available with Apple to learn more about the company's plans for the field. Fans of the brand will be excited to know that Apple is planning on releasing a massive suite of both software and hardware options to provide drivers with improved safety and handling on the road. These additions promise to improve on existing self-driving systems and algorithms in order to optimize safety and reduce risks on the road.

The company calls the suite in development the "Apple Automated System”, and Apple engineers are focusing on making the suite even more accessible by providing drivers with sensor updates. The accommodating software and hardware sensors are designed to help the vehicle adjust to the active flow of traffic while keeping an eye out at proximity alerts with other vehicles and pedestrians. This allows cars to keep their distance from other vehicles more carefully and efficiently, minimizing the risk of sudden stop collisions and other unwanted accidents. Though the new developments may seem advantageous for those who have been keeping up with Apple’s earlier car development efforts, the brand's representatives have stated that the company's primary focus will be self-driving technologies.

Though Apple has said that its vehicles are going to optimize the capturing and storage of the relevant data before the event of a collision, many fans of the brand are not sure if this new foray into the automotive world is necessary. Though the company is exploring self-driving technologies at a comfortable rate, there are many other automotive brands that have made much bigger breakthroughs already, leaving Apple starting somewhat late in the self-driving world. However, many others believe that this is a positive, as it means that there will be more versatility and room for customization in the future.