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Volvo Accepts Responsibility for Self-Driving Vehicles

Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson warned a Washington, D.C audience that the U.S. “risks losing its leading position” as a producer of self-driving vehicles unless it institutes a framework for regulating and testing them. Speaking before a seminar at the Embassy of Sweden, Samuelsson praised the U.S. for its progressiveness on self-driving vehicle technology but cautioned that the country is in da

Hybrid Vehicle Boost

One of the less obvious outcomes of the diesel Volkswagen Passenger Car scandal, is the stimulus Hybrid vehicles are receiving due to the drop in diesel trust. Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) was touting their diesels as the next generation of propulsion; clean, fun, and cheap. However, when it was discovered that they were cheating on their emissions tests they not only lost trust for the company,

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Volkswagen Street?

Recently we compared the scandal at Volkswagen to a Martin Scorsese film in that both stories involved a great rise and an even greater fall. In that comparison, we also remarked on the parallel paths of now-deposed VW CEO Martin Winterkorn and Jordan Belfort—little did we realize that the actor who portrayed Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street may do the same for Winterkorn on the big screen as we

Perspectives: Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Exxon Mobil

It seems that every so often a horrifying new man made environmental disaster reaches a level of critical mass, everyone universally pans it and has an opinion to prevent the next similar calamity, suggesting new legislation and rules about it; currently the spotlight is on Volkswagen Passenger Cars. However, while the spotlight is on one major monstrosity, many more are swept under the rug. Durin

Volkswagen CEO Michael Horn Blows Sad Song to Congress (UPDATED)

UPDATE: In his oral testimony to the U.S House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, Volkswagen America CEO Michael Horn apologized for his company’s actions while pinning the blame on unnamed “individuals” for cheating emissions tests and deceiving U.S. regulators. "This was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reason," Horn said on Thursday with regard to the defeat

Volkswagen Recall on Horizon in Europe—Whither the U.S.?

Vehicle recalls, congressional hearings, state prosecutions and pollution-related deaths—or as it’s otherwise known, just another day at scandal-plagued Volkswagen. Here are today’s lowlights for the German automaker. Decision Day for Volkswagen Yesterday we discussed the deadline Volkswagen faced in coming up with a solution to its diesel emissions problem. Today we are one step closer to a fix

United Automobile Workers Might Strike

The United Automobile Workers (UAW) Union is well past the September 14th, 2015 deadline for finalizing the Labor Contract, that is to be implemented for the next four years. Thus far, only Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is actively engaged in negotiations, the other two members of the Detroit Three (General Motors (GM) and Ford) are in a hiatus waiting for the least financially flexible of the t

Scandal at Volkswagen: The Cost of Doing (Bad) Business

The aftershocks of the scandal at Volkswagen continue to reverberate, which is why Auto Publishers is here to provide you with the latest with everyone’s favorite emissions test cheating German automaker: Paying the Piper It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that Volkswagen will pay a hefty price for its diesel-emissions cheating and that expenditures will be slashed almost as severely as the ph

Perspectives: GM and VW AG

In the past year, two Motor Company specific recalls have reigned prevalent, one involving Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the other was for General Motors (GM) vehicles. Both have been reduced to engineering issues resulting in a monumental number of cars to be deemed unroadworthy in the US. While it is simple to mark a tally for each and every death directly attributed to the GM’s ignition switch def

Hyundai Problems: Strikes and Recalls

Hyundai Motor Company has enjoyed quite a few years of relentless growth. Beyond sales growth, they expanded their presence by becoming the Official Sponsor for both the NFL and NBA. Kia has been the sponsor for the NBA for years now, but they also have deals with the LPGA, Billboard Music Awards, the Grammys, and various individual teams in both the MLB and NBA. Kia also sponsors a handful of ind