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BMW to Enter Autonomous Car Race

While the future of autonomous cars remains speculative at present, auto companies will continue to produce self-driving car prototypes. The quest to develop a viable autonomous car has been particularly prevalent lately—and we should know, as we’ve been covering the self-driving vehicle trend for the past several months. Now, according to Reuters, BMW looks to be the latest entrant in the race to

FCA Sets a Precedent With United Automobile Workers

Negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union has always been a source of strife in the American auto market. For 19 hours now, Sergio Marchionne in debate with Dennis Williams in order to reach an accord for wages and Healthcare, among other things. FCA’s negotiations with UAW Union are setting a precedent for the other major Detroit Automakers. This round of debate was much fairer than

Who Is Ferris Rezvani?

Rezvani Motors is a startup automaker that has now produced two working models, the Beast, and the Beast Speedster, however, before being made, there was much speculation as to their legitimacy. Jalopnik, who; initially shrugged those told them about a car made by Ferris Rezvani; off as spammers, is now awaiting a test drive for the Speedster. But why did Jalopnik immediately assume that informat

Google Self-Driving Cars Move Forward with Krafcik as CEO

John Krafcik will be taking his talents to Mountain View, the site of Google’s Northern California headquarters. Krafcik (pictured), a highly accomplished auto executive, will serve as CEO of Google’s self-driving cars project starting in late September. In his new role, Krafcik will be responsible for steering the Google Self-Driving Car Project—otherwise known as Project Titan—towards its goal

Toyota: Optimistic Future

Toyota was recently bumped from their spot on the main stage. They were the highest selling auto group in the world until Volkswagen AG inched ahead in the first half of 2015. However, Toyota is adamant that sales numbers are the least of their worries, they are simply interested in remaining solvent going into the future, though it is not hard to be optimistic about their prospects. The company c

Cadillac: Recalls Revival and Ridiculousness

Once upon a time, General Motors’s luxury brand was immediately associated with world class luxury, a common adage was, if a product was the best of its kind it was the Cadillac of that segment (i.e. the Nest is the [GM-owned-Detroit-based-luxury-automaker] of thermostats). However, today the now New York based luxury auto maker is not even the Nest of its own luxury auto league. In response; th

FCA: A Year in Recalls

Back in late July, Auto Publishers reported on a massive vehicle recall by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles designed to close potential cybersecurity loopholes that could be exploited by hackers. The upshot of this recall was that FCA was levied with an unprecedented $105 million fine, along with some harsh words from Mark Rosekind of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Now comes word th

FCA Future?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been an unprecedented success considering all the hardship the auto group has had to overcome. Just the fact that the company still exists is an admirable feat in it of itself. Both Fiat and Chrysler were circling the drain not long ago. Sergio Marchionne somehow found a way to save all the companies in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles family, and present them with passa

General Motors to FCA: Thanks, But No Thanks on the Merger

Last week, we reviewed a potential merger between General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles by focusing on the public pronouncements of outspoken FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne. Marchionne believes that a merger between his company and General Motors would benefit both sides. However, as Automotive News reports, GM’s reluctance to merge with FCA is based on the belief that doing so would throw the D

FCA Boss Sergio Marchionne Pushes for GM Merger

To say that Sergio Marchionne (pictured) really wants to finalize a merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors might be an understatement. The FCA CEO has practically dared GM, along with other automakers, to join forces with him. However, his mission to create the ultimate union between automakers has gone unfulfilled, at least thus far. Now it appears that Marchionne will likel