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United Automobile Workers Reject FCA Proposal

The United Automobile Workers (UAW) have just vetoed the tentative deal with with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The initial reports are not flattering for the already struggling Automaker. Earlier this month, the FCA reached a tentative agreement with the head union representatives, as information trickles in about said agreement, the more doomed it looks. Well over half of the factory laborers

Perspectives: Dieselgate Introduction

I do not purport to condone the recall of Volkswagen Passenger Cars; what the company did was wrong; and they justly deserve a swift and severe punishment. However, the media’s response to ‘dieselgate’ is an excessive overreaction. First of all, we cannot go around adding the -gate suffix haphazardly to every transgression and gaucherie. Bob Bernstein and Carl Woodward worked for over a year tryin

Scandal at Volkswagen: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi and More

Time for a quick recap on recent developments involving everyone’s favorite scandal-plagued German automaker: Five Million Not Served Approximately five million Volkswagen Passenger Cars were outfitted with the defeat devices used to cheat emissions tests, according to a statement released by Volkswagen on Friday. Earlier in the week, VW revealed that 11 million of its diesel-powered vehicles, s

Scandal at Volkswagen: What Happens Now (Part 4)

For every great rise, there’s a devastating fall. Take, for instance, the films of Martin Scorsese. Invariably, the narrative arcs of his films go something like this: bad guy comes from humble beginnings; acquires fame, money and power; starts to get overconfident and makes a fatal mistake, or series of mistakes; the law finds out about the bad guy’s illicit activities and makes him pay for his c

Scandal at Volkswagen: Winter is Coming—Is Winterkorn Going? UPDATED (Part 3)

UPDATE: As this story was being prepared, word came down about Winterkorn’s final fate with Volkswagen. To no one’s surprise, Professor Dudenhöffer prediction about the VW CEO was accurate, thereby rendering the headline to this piece instantaneously moot. In his official statement of resignation from the company, Winterkorn accepted responsibility for the defeat devices that were found in VW di

Volkswagen Passenger Cars: Die Diesel Die

Diesel Cars have never been able to take a proportional share of the Automotive market (in the US anyway). 2 Litre TDI Volkswagen Passenger Cars did the impossible for quite a while; until it came to light that they were cheating on emissions tests; likely killing diesel’s future as a fuel. A year before Charles and Frank made their first car, Rudolf Diesel patented the design for a diesel powere

Scandal at Volkswagen: The Financial Fallout (Part 2)

In the wake of the recent EPA-issued notice of violation, Volkswagen told its U.S. dealerships this past Saturday to suspend sales of its so-called “clean diesel” vehicles, specifically 2015 VW and Audi models with the problematic 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engines. Dealerships will also not be allowed to carry 2016 model diesel vehicles until further notice. On Sunday, Volkswagen CEO Marti

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Pollute More Than the Average Bear

Volkswagen Passenger Cars has been reigning supreme in global sales as of this year’s second quarter. In the first half of 2015, they surpassed Toyota Motor Corporation in total Global Sales. However, it seems the German Giant might be walking into a world of woe. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that Volkswagen Passenger Cars has been cheating on emissions tests for VW AG to to

Scandal at Volkswagen: The Great Diesel Vehicles Cover-Up (Part 1)

On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency dropped a proverbial bombshell on the auto industry when it accused Volkswagen AG of knowingly evading federal air pollution standards. The EPA alleges that nearly a half-million of VW’s late-model diesel vehicles—specifically 2009 to 2015 TDI Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle and Audi A3s—came with “defeat devices” designed to trick investigator

General Motors Is Barely a Criminal

General Motors is an American success story. They started at the dawn of the 20th century, with a humble origin story; Buick began with horse drawn buggies, before starting its foray into the automobile market. For years it grew and expanded gobbling up smaller companies and incorporating them into its family. Just under one hundred years later, the state of General Motors’ empire started to deter